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Dancing Location

Our dancing location is

Elisabethstr. 8
47178 Duisburg-Walsum

If you use a navigation system, make sure that you navigate to the Elisabethstraße with ZIP-Code 47178 (district Walsum oder Vierlinden), because there are several streets with this name in Duisburg

Directions (coming from the south): A 59 until the end. Turn left to B 8 = Friedrich-Ebert-Straße. At the third street turn right (=Elisabethstraße) (on the corner is the pizzeria "Da Mario"). After about 100 m the church is situated on the right side.The next building is Kardinal-von-Galen-Haus. Walk between the church and the Kardinal-von-Galen-Haus onto the yard. On the left side you will find the Entrance.

Parking spaces are available at the street.

Sometimes we dance here:

Adolf-Kolping-Haus, Kolpingstr 22, 47179 Duisburg-Walsum-Aldenrade (directions)

or here:

Oscar-Romero-Haus, Kaiserstr 46, 47178 Duisburg-Walsum (hinter Sankt Dionysius in Alt-Walsum)

Please pay attention to the information on the dates.